Lead Software Engineer

Jun 2021 - Now
  • Managed a team of developers, rewriting our entire tech stack making drastic improvements to our build times and responsiveness as a team. The website was able to publish without any builds or IT involvement, as well as had drastically faster build times.

  • Led the creation of a component library allowing for better reuse of code, and testing within different environments.

  • Incorporated Google Analytics into the ecommerce solution, allowing for better visibility into sales.

Software Developer III

Feb 2021 - Jun 2021
  • Streamlined the website build process reducing build times to just 1/3 of their original times.

  • Created a process to generate micro sites dynamically, allowing for the reuse of website templates for multiple independent websites.

  • Created dynamic web pages, allowing for customized web pages to be generated with various layouts and features with data from our headless CMS.

Software Developer II

Apr 2021 - Feb 2020
  • Leading the development team responsible for maintaining the website, and implementing new feature requests.

  • Worked closely with marketing to redesign and implement the company's main website into a more unified experience. Incorporated a headless CMS and static site generation to minimize developer involvement with content updates, while improve site performance and SEO.

  • Implemented an Azure function to geolocate users, suggesting the nearest dispensary to them.

  • Created an automated process to import location data from a Location Management System, allowing for store times and descriptions to be maintained in as few places as possible.

  • Assisted with adding tracking pixels, and tracking ecommerce events with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

  • Created durable functions allowing for syncing products and inventory into our headless CMS, from our Point of Sale system. These were able to rapidly sync data between systems, keeping online inventory levels up to date.

Everi Holdings

Software Developer I

Jan 2019 - Apr 2020
  • Wrote a complex Angular 8 application, working closely with the business team to satisfy all ux requirements, including complex grids and dynamic configurations.

  • Worked with compliance to satisfy jurisdictional requirements for the application, while making sure it could satisfy all requirements for various government forms that patrons and/or a casino might need to file.

  • Wrote a corresponding API in koa.js for the Angular Application, satisfying any api requirements and encapsulating business logic, as well as allowing for configuring user permissions and application settings for consumption.

  • Worked closely with teams around the world to assist others and consolidate our work flows- aiming to improve both our codebase and productivity.

Software Engineer Associate

Jun 2018 - Jan 2019
  • Wrote APIs and worked closely with third parties to satisfy requirements and successfully create third party integrations.

  • Developed a signature library in Typescript which is used to sign API requests internall and from third parties, completely eliminating the chance of http packets being tampered with.

  • Developed a Secure Remote Password library in Typescript, allowing for user and server confidence in the authenticity of each other.

  • Developed an electronic wallet api using koa.js, allowing for the secure transfer of funds between servers.

  • Developed both an Ionic app and a hosted api to interface with a “smart box,” allowing for the pushing of funds to and from slot machines.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Student - BS in Computer Science

Aug 2014 - May 2018
  • Graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor's in Computer Science

  • Took an interest in machine learning and AI, as well as game development.

Notable Projects:

Element of Surprise

  • A mobile card game developed with Unity and C#. The game supported up to 4 players a match, and included matchmaking.

  • Used git for version control and conflict management while collaborating with a team of seven peers.

  • Created and hosted a server that handled validating login credentials, managing leaderboards, and implementing game logic allowing for a fair gaming environment.

15 Puzzle Solver

  • Created an interactive and visual representation of the 15-puzzle within the Unity game engine.

  • Implemented a modified A* algorithm to solve the 15-puzzle board efficiently within a reasonable runtime.

  • This app was able to shuffle the puzzle around on demand, and solve the puzzle for you step by step on a timer.